Use of ID Card and RFID Smart Card in Education Sector

We produce Student and Staff Identity Cards of all educational institutions, including private universities, state universities and private colleges. We produce cards as Rfid cards or plastic cards according to the system used by institutions and organizations within their own structure.

With the services we have provided to the education and training sector for 12 years, we produce the card needs of schools, colleges and universities in the fields of identity cards, access control systems and fee collection according to the desired specifications.

In the education and training sector, all follow-ups such as access to personal information, personnel attendance tracking, access security and control, cafeteria entry and exit tracking, vending systems and fee calculation in parking areas, dormitory security and entry-exit tracking can be done through student and personnel ID cards. Especially universities create joint projects with different sectors and increase the functionality of student ID cards. For example, the cards used in universities working with banks or transportation institutions are integrated with credit card and transportation card features apart from being ID cards, bringing the use of cards to a very wide framework.