In line with its vision, Karttime develops, manufactures, produces and provides after-sales service products that meet customer expectations, are easy to buy and use, reliable, hassle-free, by using the latest and developed technologies.

Our company, which operates in the field of plastic, magnetic and smart cards design, production and sales, always bases its activities on customer satisfaction and considers information as one of its most valuable assets. In this direction, in order to ensure the continuous development of our integrated management system within our organization, we define the information assets and address the issues such as the impact of these assets on the business, the cost of replacing the asset, the confidentiality of information, the effect on the image, the damage it will cause in terms of legal and legal obligations, the possibility of threat, the multiplicity of weaknesses and the existing ones. To identify and evaluate the risks related to the confidentiality, integrity and access of information by addressing the dangers of how controls can close these weaknesses, the motivation of the attacker, the attractiveness of information for competitors, vulnerabilities in access controls, and the integrity of information, and to apply the necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable risk level, It is aimed to reduce the probability of experiencing an integrated breach event, to respond in a coordinated way in case of occurrence, to prevent any interruption that may interrupt business continuity, and in cases where it cannot be avoided. Committed to being able to work again within the stated recovery period, measuring the performance of integrated management processes, generating targets from this data, minimizing our weaknesses and threats with infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and training investments, and meeting the security requirements required by our business, customers and legal conditions. Thank you.